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5 Best Ways To Conserve The Forest

Forest is an large area that dominated by trees and vegetates. This area be a place that collected carbon dioxide around the world. by conserve the Forest, we can prevent some disasters, such flood or land sliding. As we know, forest produces wood material that we can use as buildings or papers.

Beside of that, the forest is something vital for the environment life. Its because the forest will absorb the carbon dioxide massively while also produce the oxygen in same time, same place.

In a fact, we cant live without the forest in any ways. That’s why we must keep the forest from deforestation and bring its environment stay alive as long as we can. So these are some points we can do, to keep the forest stay green (to conserve the forest)

1. Reforestation.

Reforestation is an activity that replanting trees that has been cut down or dead naturally. The main purpose is to improve the life quality of human or the living creatures by keep make the air clean. Also it will rebuild the nature ecosystem, and prevent the global warming happened.

2. Selected cut down method.

Selected cut down is a selection system to control the tree population by cut the good tree only, and let the others stay alive. Good tree is having economy value in high price. Unfortunately, some people keep doing illegal logging and didn’t use this method to keep the forest stay green.

3. Protect and Secure the habit in the forest.

As we know, forest is the place for the plants and the animals do their life. Some of them already extinct because we can’t keep the forest such at the past. That’s why we need to educate the people to protect and secure the ecosystem.

4. Keep the garbage, till came out from the forest.

For some people who lived around of forest area, they need to manage the garbage off. Something that must not happened. This one is the key to keep our forest works well in the next.

Household garbage usually being dominated by plastic products that a material really hard to be unraveled. The garbage will also prevent the water to directly sink in to the earth. This one causes the trees can’t get enough water for their life.

5. Reduce the paper usage.

Paper was made from the trees that being cut down by a paper factory. There are so much activity in business that use paper for its need. As example for mailing activity. To make it more efficient, we can reduce the paper usage by using new technology innovation like Simara digital mailing system. Also can be a digital storage for important files.

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Actually, caring the forest wont get good result if we just own the knowledge without any act we did. Also we need a policy about garbage management, hunting, and selected cut down. We can add the punishment to them who break the rule about keeping the forest. let’s together promote the forest conservation movement!

Image by: Pixabay

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