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Surabaya Software House, Perfect IT Solution for Your Business

The industrial revolution 4.0 that is developing around the world is a trigger that brings various industrial sectors to...

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Get to Know Android Application Services and Why They are Important for Your Business

Along with the times and technology, business growth towards digital is increasing rapidly. This is not only seen from t...

new normal
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The New Normal: Changing Lifestyle

The term new normal increasingly widely heard over the last few times. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic in Indonesia, wh...

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Recognizing Coronavirus Symptoms as Self and Family Protection

COVID-19 Pandemic (based on WHO 11/3) that came from Coronavirus has not showing yet when it will end. Even, we still ca...

information system
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The 7 Best Career Opportunities for Information System Graduate with High Salary

In the recent years, computer science major are being favorite for youth generation. The reason is that this major is gi...

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Benefits of Standardized E-Government Applications in Public Services

E-Government Apps is being a must at this modern era. In a fact, its existence can be helpful for the civilization to ge...

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6 Benefits of Having a Website for Company

Website isn’t something strange anymore for everyone nowadays. Company website is the page that contains some informatio...

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Digitizing Archives in Managing Documents

Before we talk about digitizing archives, you guys need to know about what archive is. In general, archive is activity l...

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Artificial Intelligence Development in Indonesia

Artificial Intelligence is embedded intelligence on system. Andreas Kaplan and Michael Haenlein defined about artificial...

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Kind of Websites You Need to Know

There are some kind of websites on internet based on platform and system-type. But first, let’s take a look about what w...

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