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UI and UX Designer: What’s the Difference?

UI UX designer is a type of profession in the world of technology that has become increasingly popular over the past dec...

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5 Important Reasons for System Integration

The implementation of information systems has grown more rapidly in the past decade. Various agencies and organizations ...

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6 Stages in Information Systems Development

The presence of an information system in a company and in the present government is crucial. This IT technology provides...

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The Importance of Penetration Test on Websites and Mobile Apps

The ownership of mobile apps or website by a department, company, or government now being a must. The mobile apps or the...

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7 Useful Government Apps for Public Services

Government is having big responsibility to give great service to the civilization.  To make it really efficient and...

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7 Android Apps Will Increase Your Business Performance

Technologies are giving us the ease of access in our daily activity, included at business sector. One of important thing...

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Industrial Revolution 4.0

Industry 4.0 is an industry that uses automation technology with cyber technology. This is a trend of automation and dat...

Startup Indonesia
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5 Countries with the Most Startup Around the World

Indonesia is the fifth largest startup in the world. Based on the Startup Ranking website as of March 21, 2019, the amou...

Pengenalan Git - Profio
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An Introduction to Git

In this tutorial we would like to share about Git introduction. This is one part of the Git and Gitlab training material...

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