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Gambar 6. Smart TV dengan Raspberry
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Changing a Conventional TV into a Smart TV Raspberry Pi

Hello friends, we will make a multimedia device using raspberry pi at home. The background is because we have Raspberries that are not used and want to be able to watch Youtube videos on TV.

The architecture plan and the final result will be like this:

Gambar 1. Smart TV dengan Raspberry
Picture 1. Smart TV with Raspberry
Gambar 2. Raspberry
Picture 2. Raspberry
Gambar 3. Smart TV dengan Raspberry
Picture 3. Smart TV with Raspberry

First, we prepare the tools and materials as follows:

  • Raspberry Pi 2 / 3 complete with mini SD card
  • HDMI cable
  • Card Reader (for formatting mini SD card)
  • A set of computer or laptop
  • Software Win32 Disk Imager (Download Here) and then install on computer
  • Software SD Formater (Download Here) and then install on computer
  • OS Image Kodi OSMC for Raspberry (Download Here)
  • Local and Internet Network Connections
  • LCD monitor or TV with HDMI port, or Tube TV with additional HDMI to AV Converter
  • (Optional) An external hard drive containing multimedia files

Formatting Mini SD Card 

1. Insert your Mini SD Card into the Card Reader.

2. Make sure your SD card Drive letter.

3. Run the SD Card Formatter Program, and once again verify the drive letter from your SD card.

4. Then click Format and wait for the formatting process to finish.

5. Then close the SD Card Formatter program.

Gambar 4. SD Card Formatter
Picture 4. SD Card Formatter

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Inject ISO OSMC 

1. Insert the SD Card into the SD Card Reader. You can also open the usual sd card slot found on a laptop by using an SD Adapter.

2. Next, check the Drive Letter in Windows Explorer and make sure you are not mistaken for the destination.

3. Run the Win32DiskImager program from the desktop or start menu.

4. Select the OSMC image file that you downloaded earlier.

5. Then in the SD Card Drive Letter option, enter the detected drive letter. An example of this is drive E :. Please be careful when choosing Drive. if you choose the wrong drive letter, then the file on the drive that you selected may be deleted.

6. Then click write, and wait for the write complete process.

7. When finished, exit the program and remove your SD card.

Gambar 5. Disk Imager
Gambar 5. Disk Imager

Install Device

1. Insert your mini SDCard in Raspberry.

2. Connect an HDMI cable between the Raspberry to the Monitor.

3. Connect the LAN Cable (If using Raspberry 2).

4. Plug the 5V power cable into the Raspberry and turn on the LCD Monitor.

5. Wait until Raspberry successfully boots from SD Card.

6. Connect the mouse to your Raspberry, just press the next button.

7. And after completing the OS installation process, the device will restart automatically.

8. Congratulations! Your Smart TV is ready.

9. Amazingly, this Smart TV Kodi can be controlled using the Yatse Program on your Android, so your Smartphone can be your Smart TV remote.

10. This Smart TV remote device can work with the conditions, your raspberry and your remote (smartphone) are in the same local network.

11. Scan the device on your Yatse application and the OSMC OS that you installed will be detected.

12. Good luck and enjoy your Smart TV

Gambar 6. Smart TV dengan Raspberry
Picture 6. Smart TV with Raspberry
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