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Get to Know Android Application Services and Why They are Important for Your Business

Along with the times and technology, business growth towards digital is increasing rapidly. This is not only seen from the increasing number of companies that are expanding by marketing their products online, but also the increasing use of mobile applications for business. One of the most used mobile applications today is Android application. No wonder Android application services are needed nowadays.

Based on this definition, mobile applications or better known as Mobile Apps are software made for mobile devices such as smart phones, smart watches, and tablet computers. The Android application is a mobile application that can only be used by mobile device users who are using Android operating system.

Why Use Android Apps for Your Business?

Based on 2019 data, Android still holds the top standings as the most used operating system. Android holds 51.8% of the world’s total smartphone users. Naturally, many business people look to Android application services to support the businesses they run.

Actually, what are the advantages and benefits of using a mobile application for the business you are running?

1. As Direct Marketing Media

One of the main uses of Android applications is how their existence can be a source of information for both your users and potential customers. General information such as prices, user accounts, messengers, and orders can be made easily through the application. Users also no longer need to bother moving from one application to another to view catalogs, order, and make payments. Interaction with customers will be easier, simpler and more efficient.

2. Giving Appreciation to Your Customers

By using the Android application, you can use it as a medium for digitizing loyalty programs. Forget about manual stamped coupons. You can provide points for the transaction limit. By using the application, the recording system will run automatically. Giving bonus from customer loyalty points will also increase customer satisfaction with the services you provide.

3. Building Brand Awareness

Another important function of Android apps is to build public awareness of your brand. It is like a blank billboard, you are free to enter anything into your application. Pin nice features with an attractive design. Look for ways that users can engage and connect with your business more often. That way, the sooner they will buy the service or product you offer.

4. Helping You to Connect to Your Customers

Building relationships and increasing engagement with customers is an important key to maintaining their loyalty. You can do this more easily via the Android application. For example, by providing a helpdesk or live chat feature so that potential customers and consumers can ask various things about the products / services that you sell directly.

5. Make Your Business More Stand Out

Android applications may be same with big businesses such as e-commerce. However, that doesn’t mean that small entrepreneurs can’t take this as an opportunity. Precisely by being the first to have your own Android application, you can stand out more. That way, people will look directly at your business rather than your competitors.

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Steps for Making Android Applications

To create an Android application, there are several steps or steps that must be passed. There are at least five stages that you must go through before the application can be launched and used by customers.

  1. Create a draft. The concept of the Android application you want to create must be in line with your business.
  2. Find out what your potential customers need. What would they like to see in your application?
  3. Make a detailed plan. You can start scribbling on a sheet of paper how the application will be used later.
  4. After selecting the features you want to include, you may find some points that are insignificant. Find what can be deleted so the application is not too heavy.
  5. Create an application design. Design is not only about how aesthetic your application is but also how comfortable it is to use.
    Find the right developer to build it

Anyone can do their own Android application. However, for business purposes, you certainly have to create an application that is professional both in terms of design and function. Therefore, instead of doing it yourself, just leave the matter of making it to an experienced Android application service.

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