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Kind of Websites You Need to Know

There are some kind of websites on internet based on platform and system-type. But first, let’s take a look about what website is.

What is website?

In terminology, a website is a collection of web pages, which are usually summarized in a domain or subdomain, which is located on the World Wide Web or we often call WWW on the Internet. As example, you can visit simara homepage at

Every page on website can be accessed using URL that being a root for the website. The first page on website is called as homepage. At this homepage, URL can set the hierarchy of the web page.

The Kind of Websites

There are some website types, based on its characteristic. Let’s see these.

1. Static Website

In simple way, static website can be defined as a website whose content is constant and does not change. It’s just showing the same page as always. To update the content, we need to make some change on its source code. Every page created with HTML code is used to display the same information to every visitor. Only webmaster and web developer can do the updates on its content. Generally static websites are created using HTML and CSS by developers who understand programming or coding.

2. Dynamic Website

It doesn’t like static website, dynamic website can easily update the content as schedule. Generally, dynamic website is much easier than static website for being controlled. Dynamic website is showing the content from the database. It can be accessed by webmaster or web developer.

In a fact, dynamic website allowed some users to be able to do update the content. But they still can’t change the design.

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And these are some website types, based on its platform.

1. Content Management System

This method is most popular than others, it is using Content Management System ( CMS ). As we know, CMS is one of system that used to make and set the content digitally in easy way.

You can make the website quickly using CMS. There are several CMS that are most widely used to build a website some of which are WordPress, Joomla!, Drupal and other.

2. Website Builder

Website builder is a platform that can help you to build a website quickly, without need any capability to write the code or do the design. It is perfect for those of you who want to create a website in a short time, do not have technical skills and do not have time to learn it. There are some popular website builders like Wix, Site Builder, Weebly.

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