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Love Nature by Reducing Plastic Waste

Plastic waste is a problem for our life environment that also faced by Indonesian civilization. Plastic is a material that really useful, light heavy, flexible, can survive in wet condition, strong, and also cheap. These choices cause people keep using plastic material product. The plastic characteristic can bring environmental damage and getting worst if we can’t control the use of plastic material massively.

There have been many appeals and rules relating to reducing the use of plastics by the government. But the results are still not visible until now. This situation can bring our children to a bad condition in the future because they can’t enjoy a healthy living environment. So it’s the time for us to pay attention to keep reducing the plastic usage in our daily activities. To make it happens, these are some tips how to reduce the plastic waste.

Try to recycle the plastic garbage

Plastic Bag from Plastic Garbage

There are so many plastic garbage in your house or area around of you, absolutely you can recycle them to something more useful. Not only reduce the garbage volume, you can also make this activity as your opportunity to make some money. For example we can recycle plastic into bags like the picture above. You can take the bag go out, especially when you are shopping.

Bring your own lunch box also your own mineral bottle

The next tips is bring your own lunch box and mineral bottle. However, bring them is better than keep order the food that contained by plastic material. It will saving your money, and absolutely reducing the plastic usage. Even after your lunch is finished, the lunch box can still be used repeatedly rather than using Styrofoam, paper box, or disposable plastic. This tips also give you to keep stay away from bacteria or viruses that contained in food covered from outside.

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Let’s start to using digital mail management system

Mailing activity can be found easily as routine in the company and the department. This one needs so much paper, of course will bring so much plastic as its cover when shipping. Try to start using digital mail management system is the best solution with high effectiveness that can reduce much plastic garbage.

Simara is one of digital mail management system that really helpful. It is one of e-office app to support every office needs in mailing activity. Simara is available as website base that will make the mailing activity so much easier even the destination is in far away. The secureness also bring Simara to the next level.

And those are some tips we can share about how to reduce the plastic usage. Even its really simple thing, but if you put so much attention on it, will give you so much positive impact for the life environment and exactly for our children. Then, lets start to reduce the plastic use, and just use it as less as we can.

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