ITL (Institut Teknologi Transportasi dan Logistik) Trisakti is a private university under the Trisakti Foundation. The campus is located on Jl. IPN Kebon Nanas No.2, RT.9 / RW.6, Cipinang Besar Sel., Jatinegara District, Jakarta Timur City, DKI Jakarta. Before officially becoming an institute, the campus was still called STMT (Sekolah Tinggu Manajemen Transportasi dan Logistik) Trisakti until finally in 2018, it was officially changed to ITL Trisakti. Now, ITL Trisakti uses an academic system created by Profio.

ITL Trisakti
Information System


Like other universities in Indonesia, ITL Trisakti also has a process of academic activities that involve many stakeholders such as lecturers, students, academic section, finance, administration, library, laboratory, and others. Activities in ITL Trisakti also vary from lecture activities, practicums, seminars, new student admissions, re-registration, learning plans, student thesis Defence, until graduation. All stakeholders and various activities that are running is related to each other. So in the end we need a facility or platform that is able to cover all of these things in order to become a comprehensive and integrated process. The need for data that can be connected in real time has also become quite vital in supporting the continuity of academic activities at ITL Trisakti.


BPPU-ITS in collaboration with Profio tried to answer the challenges of the rector and stakeholders from ITL Trisakti Jakarta. We build enterprise-scale systems using responsive web technology and SQL Server databases. We build all the modules needed. In accordance with the core values of Profio, we always make customers as the main reference of the system built. Profio always tries to do initial research related to client behavior. Then we designed the integrated system for each module. The modules we built are as follows:

  • New Student Admission System
  • Main Lecture System (Attendance, Assessment, KRS)
  • Graduation System
  • SMS Gateway System
  • Lecture Payment System via Bank
  • Final Project System
  • Field Work Practice System
  • Thesis System


ITL Trisakti academic system has been operating since 2016 and accommodates around 8000 active users. This system caters fully to the needs of the academic process every day. Starting from the process of admitting new students to the graduation process. Now, students can make payments more quickly through the banking channel. And every academic activity will be informed directly through the SMS Gateway service. These results are suitable with expectations to be able to actualize the vision of institution: becoming a leading, cultured, and globally reputable institution in the field of transportation and logistics.