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Bappeda is a technical institution in the field of regional development research and planning led by a head of institution who is under and responsible for the governor, district head, and mayor through the regional secretary. With this mandated role, a social application is created such as the Anti-Poverty Application Program.

Bappeda was formed based on considerations:

  1. In order to attempt to increase the harmony of development in the regions, it is necessary to increase the harmony between sectoral development and regional development.
  2. In order to attempt to guarantee the pace of development, balance, and sustainability of development in the regions, more comprehensive, directed and integrated planning is needed.
Bappeda East Java
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In carrying out its function as an institution that plays a role in regional development including increasing prosperity and reducing poverty, Bappeda implements a social application called the Anti-Poverty Program (APP).

Community groups receive assistance from the District Technical Consultant (KTK) and Community Group Assistance (PKM). They also get technical guidance from business partners, specifically related to the quality standards of products that produced and sold to business partners. While business partners get business credit facilities from the government of East Java Province with an interest of 6% per year in accordance with Governor Regulation Number 21 of 2012.

For this reason, Bappeda needs a facility that is able to become a forum for all parties that are involved in APP to interact. KTK’s role is to provide progress reports on the community groups that are developed to Bappeda. In addition, this platform will also be used as a forum to display products from Pokmas. So this platform also functions as a meeting point between Pokmas as sellers and business partners as buyers.


To answer this need, Profio tries to present a website-based platform that has a function as a medium of information and also communication between the KTK and Bappeda related to the development of the APP program. The platform that we built also functions as an information medium to inform the public about what APP is, how APP is run, what progress is like, and how it impacts on the community. The way this platform works as a communication medium between the KTK and Bappeda is the KTK will upload a monthly progress report of the Pokmas, then Bappeda will review and assess the progress.

We built the project base using the Laravel framework and MySQL as the main database that handles every activity.


The APP application has begun to operate in supporting the development activities of Bappeda to the community since 2017. The reporting process by KTK to Bappeda has been going according to the objectives at the beginning. The latest news and documentation about the APP Program are also updated through the application portal. As time goes by, there are a number of things that the application needs to cover. So that in 2019, the APP program will be redeveloped with more detailed requirements so that it will have features that are more in line with developments in the field. This application is expected to play a role as a means in achieving the goals of the APP program, namely:

  1. Increasing the role of the community actively in making development decisions that are transparent, democratic, and responsible.
  2. Developing business capabilities and opportunities in order to increase income and prosperity for the poor.
  3. Developing groups of poor community through cluster-based productive businesses with business partnerships for marketing their products.
  4. Encourage the creation of new entrepreneurs in APP locations.