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PJB Services uses our system integration services to create an E-Learning system. E-learning system is an education concept that utilizes information technology in the teaching and learning process.

PJB Services is a subsidiary of PT. PJB (Pembangkitan Jawa-Bali), a power plant company that established to meet the needs of additional line-up business in operation and maintenance services of power plant units. Founded on March 30, 2001 with 98% share ownership owned by PT. PJB and 2% owned by YK PT. PJB (Yayasan Kesejahteraan PT. PJB). In the beginning, PT. PJB Services only focuses on the field of power plant maintenance services, then develops skills to become a company engaged in power plant operation and maintenance services. At present, PT. PJB services have successfully go international with professional experience such as in Singapore, Malaysia, Kuwait, China and Saudi Arabia with a very good reputation.

On March 25, 2002, PT. PJB Services has obtained the ISO 9001: 2000: 01 100 0187 87 certificate number for “Management Services for Relocation, Rehabilitation, Operation and Maintenance of Power Plants” from the German certification body: “CERT TÜV Anlagentechnik GmbH Certification Agency”. In 2011 PT. PJB Services has updated its ISO to 9001: 2008.

PT. PJB Services
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System Integration


As a company focused on power plant maintenance services which later became a center for skills development in the field of operations and maintenance services, PT PJBS has the need to build an online learning system that can reach employees and conduct an integrated assessment in one portal. This system can be accessed by all stakeholders who are spread across several units or PT PJBS representative offices.


Profio is here to create an integrated system by combining several functions of the moodle system with an aggregator application that we have designed to be able to suit the needs of the human capital division that is in charge of handling the area of skills development. The Aggregator system that we built uses the Codeigniter framework with ORACLE enterprise as its database. The reliability of the ORACLE database in handling enterprise scale data was deliberately chosen, in order to create a reliable and fast system.

Not only that, we also integrate this aggregator system with a human capital system that stores all account data for usernames and passwords. So users can directly log into this system when it is logged on another application platform owned by PT PJBS.


The E-Learning System henceforth named E-Ling, has been in full operation since 2018. E-Ling is the main platform for the human capital division to carry out learning functions related to the process of maintenance and services in the business of PT PJBS. All units and stakeholders have been able to access their learning and can directly be integrated with internal employee assessments. Through this system, it is expected to be able to support the acceleration process towards the company’s main vision, namely “Being a Trustworthy Power Generation Management and its Supporting Solution Provider Company”.