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ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system is a set of software that functions to manage and integrate various operational activities in a business. ERP used to be more widely used by large-scale companies (enterprise), but now it has also been popular among small and medium-sized businesses.

PT Mahakam Kencana Intan Padi is a company that operates as a Safekeeping and Rescue Service Business Entity (BUJPP) in accordance with operating licenses granted by the National Police Headquarters, namely:

  1. Security Service Provider and Management Services
  2. Escort Services for Money and Valuables
  3. Security Education and Training Services
PT Mahakam Kencana Intan Padi
Employment Outsourcing
System Integration


PT Mahakam Kencana Intan Padi is an outsourcing company that employs thousands of employees with the PKWT system and has hundreds of partners both agencies and households. PT Mahakam Kencana Intan Padi has the need to build a system that functions to manage project activities and employee resources as a whole and integrated. It is expected that this system can manage resources starting from recruitment of employee, placement of employee, attendance, BPJS Employment, to payroll. In addition, management is also required to know in real-time the stock status of goods and assets that are being used. This system will be accessible to all stakeholders of PT Mahakam Kencana Intan Padi.

From the external side, in order to maintain the credibility and quality of service, PT Mahakam Kencana Intan Padi opened a complaint service to clients. Complaints services can be centralized through this system.

Not only that, on the administrative side of PT Mahakam Kencana Intan Padi also requires a platform that can accelerate and even cut down the flow of bureaucracy in its organization.


Profio answered the challenge by bringing a system based on Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) that integrates all the main resources in the form of human resources or employees and project activities that are the core business of PT Mahakam Kencana Intan Padi. Profio tried to do preliminary research related to the existing conditions and behavior of the client, so then we came up with five systems that were built, namely:

  1. E-Proyek System
  2. E-Kepegawaian System
  3. Inventory System
  4. E-Ticket System
  5. E-Office System

The five systems are integrated with each other. We built a base project using Laravel framework and PostgreSQL as the main database that handles every activity.


The solution we provide is an effort to support PT Mahakam Kencana Intan Padi in achieving ISO 9001 standards that are concerned with efficiency, productivity, performance improvement, and consumer confidence. In addition, through this system we also assist PT Mahakam Kencana Intan Padi in order to realize the company’s main vision and mission, namely:


“Producing professional employees in accordance with the needs of the company in developing human resources in order to face the era of globalization.”


“We strive to create and improve the quality of productive work through honesty, accuracy, speed, and friendliness.”

This ERP system began to be run by PT Mahakam Kencana Intan Padi since 2018. The implementation process is progressing gradually. The ongoing system, almost covers the entire business process that runs at PT Mahakam Kencana Intan Padi and involves almost all divisions. Administrative matters that have so far been very dependent on documents such as excel and word files, are now easier to explore and manage through a shared portal.