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The 7 Best Career Opportunities for Information System Graduate with High Salary

In the recent years, computer science major are being favorite for youth generation. The reason is that this major is giving good opportunity for their career with high salary. The major about computer science can be found in many kind. One of them is Information Systems (IS).

The alumnus of Information systems have great skills that quite complex. They are not only having good skill about computer science. But when they were in class, they also get the skill about management and business. With those skills, the alumnus of Information Systems can easily build a computer system that really match to the business needs.

Their skill can bring up the opportunity to get good job with high salary. Not only about high salary, the alumnus of Information Systems are also needed by many companies. There are so many job desk they can do, but these are the top 7 job desks that giving the high salary for of Information Systems graduate.

1. Web Programmer

First great job desk for them as a web programmer. The job desk of web programmer is build the program code for the website full with the access to the database. In their job, web programmer can do some programming language such Ruby, PHP, Javascript, MySQL, etc.

The opportunity at this position highly needed. There are so many start up that ‘born’ in the last several years.

2. System Analyst

The opportunity of system analyst also being a good offer for the alumnus of Information Systems. The position is really central for a modern company. The job desk also really wide, like analyzing process, planning, also implementing the IT system for the company.

The responsibility of system analyst isn’t really connected to the code of programming language. But a system analyst need to know well about maintain the administration system, business analysist, or project management.

3. UI designer

The next opportunity is a career that need to be really creative and passioned in design. It is UI designer or we can say user interface designer. The main job desk is designing the appearance of the web apps or mobile so the design is really interesting. The UI design is a key to make the color use, typography, text design, menu, etc, having a nice look.

Usually, the UI designers are needed when the company is trying to make the prototype of their apps or website. Sometimes, UI designer having a collaboration to UX designer that having responsibility in user experience on the apps.

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4. Database Administrator are saying that the database administrator is one of the needed person for company and of course having high salary. The existence of this job having a good position as a central for the company that used digital to run their business.

A database administrator is having great responsibility to maintain and make sure that the company gain the ease of access the data. To make that responsibility running well, database administrator sometimes being called to plan the database security system for the company.

5. Quality assurance

The next job desk that can be really match to the alumnus of Information Systems is quality assurance (QA). A quality assurance doing the job by collaboration with the software developer. Because of QA, the company can release the software product that having good quality to the public.

QA also having responsibility to make sure that the software has no trouble and problem that will kill the comfort zone. Usually the problem is quiet simple like bug freeze or something like that. Because of QA, the company can get the efficiency while doing the project to build a good software. Also to make the customer have a good satisfaction about the product.

6. Quality control

Some of us maybe getting confused to see the difference of Quality Assurance with Quality Control (QC). Both of them are having similar responsibility, but there is one big difference about them in this major.

QA is having responsibility to make sure that the software product works well before being released. Meanwhile, the QC is having a job desk to monitor the quality product that already released by the company. A QC needs to make sure that the software is having good standard that keep high, so it wont be so annoying to the customer comfort zone.

7. Project Manager

The next opportunity for the alumnus of Information Systems as a Project Manager. For the company, project manager is having the biggest responsibility to the running project. The existence of this position absolutely will leading the success of the project.

For the job desk, project manager needs to make sure that the project can be done due the deadline. At the same time, project manager also needs having great skill at counting the budget. Project manager also must have a leadership to make everything work well.

And those are the top 7 career opportunities with high salary that really recommended for Information Systems graduate. The opportunity can you get easily with your good skill and passion on it.

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