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This year’s DTK-NUFFIC collaboration is entering its 3rd year (2018). Realization of the program continues, so that it can produce significant developments for the progress of DTK in the future. What is meant by progress is both in the aspects of improvement, improvement of the teaching-learning process, as well as the academic atmosphere at DTK. Efforts are made to supplement and improve learning facilities so that they get better over time. One of the forms of cooperation between DTK and NUFFIC is the project procurement of network and server installations at the ITS Marine Engineering Department (DTK). The network and server installation procurement project will be implemented in 2019.

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As one of the departments that become an icon and the department that is among the oldest in ITS, the Marine Engineering Department feels it is very important to start upgrading educational facilities and infrastructure. One of them is to provide e-learning facilities that can be used as online learning media, online classes, and also online assignments. Provision of this facility is necessary in the midst of technological advances today. Besides that, the high mobility of lecturers has often caused lecturers to be unable to attend directly in class meetings. Therefore, e-learning is expected to be a bridge that can be a solution to these conditions.

In order to prepare the e-learning, a data center as a server is needed as a storage media so that e-learning can be accessed throughout the ITS network.


To be able to answer these needs, Profio tried to be present by providing infrastructure and server procurement services at the ITS Marine Engineering Department. It also includes the development of e-learning based on moodle. Through e-learning, meetings can be held between lecturers and students through online classes and online assignments. Not only that, the online quiz feature can also be used to produce quick and precise assessment results. All data will be stored on the server and the network configuration process is carried out so that e-learning can be accessed throughout the ITS network.


In August 2019, DTK e-learning had already begun and was used in the environment of the Maritime Engineering Department. Earlier in July 2019, socialization and training were also conducted to the admin team and also the lecturers. With this system running, it is expected to be a bridge for DTK ITS in order to achieve its main vision, namely “Making the Marine Engineering Department ITS as an International Institute of Marine Engineering with International Standards as a Reference for Southeast Asia”.