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  • More Optimal

    Data consistency is centralized so that it is more optimal and realtime.

  • More Efficient

    With system integration, human resources are more efficient because there is no recurring data entry.

  • Higher Quality

    Higher quality data so that it can become a policy support system.

  • Risk Reduced

    The integrated system can reduce a lost risk with auditrail features and comparative data.


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Reliable and best system integration, requires cooperation from all parties. You can help us in implementing it.

1. Policy

Top notch stakeholder or authoriter of an institution must be ready to announce united policy involving other system stakeholders. This is very important to understanding the advantages and the risk of the integrated system.

2. Synergy

There must be join commitment from all system managers for synergy to actualize common goals namely data consolidation. Must complement and adjust to the conditions of integration that will be done.

3. Technology

Must prepare IT experts who are appointed and have the ability as a catalyst for the integration process. Because later, this expert will manage the sustainability of the system.

4. Infrastructure

The availability of infrastructure volumes also needs to be considered. Bacause when integrating data, it can be possible to upgrade the hardware system compatibility requirements.

5. Business Process

Validated workflow rules which already applied and functionate in the current system. (ex: Standard Operational Procedure)



Our solutions expertise allows your business to streamline workflow, and increase productivity. No matter the business, Profio has you covered with industry compliant solutions, customized to your company’s specific needs.

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Putu Agus Suginantra

Thanks to Profio, their application is very helpful. Overall, Profio services is good from communication, result, until accuracy in completing.

Putu Agus Suginantra
Human Capital Development - PT PJBS
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Services from Profio is good, their coordination is fast and responsive, their performance is at maximum. Overall is good.

Roynther Ayub Djami
IT Plan and Development - PT PJBS
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