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Recognizing Coronavirus Symptoms as Self and Family Protection

COVID-19 Pandemic (based on WHO 11/3) that came from Coronavirus has not showing yet when it will end. Even, we still cant predict when this symptoms will go to quite phase. Anxiety and stress are attacking most of the civilization. However, the virus that first time being detected from Wuhan, China, is still doing the mutation that can bring the extinction to the human race.

At least, there are some points that make this virus need to be worried as much as we can. First, Corona symptoms do not always appear so that people who do not feel any health complaints can be a carrier to spread the virus to other people. Second, the virus spreads easily in short-time. Third, there is no medicine or definitive vaccine yet.

Because of that, its gonna be so really important to everyone have more knowledge about this pandemic. There are some ways to figured out the coronavirus.

Corona is Spreading Around

COVID-19 is a disease with lung organs which becomes the zero point of infection. But apparently, the lungs and respiratory system are no longer the only part that is attacked by the Corona virus. The research showed that pathogen also spreading around, to the heart, blood vessels, kidney, intestines, even also attacking the brain.

Importantly, the corona now is showing that breathing system disruption, cough, hard to breath, sore throat, fever, and pneumonia are not only the indication of this virus. There are some key indications that will lead that the person already infected by the virus.

1. Dry Cough

In general, coughing is coronavirus indication. But, we need to see carefully that its something different than the normal cough as usual. The person who being infected gonna feels the sore at his chest bone. This one indicates that the bronchial tube being irritated.

2. Fever

Its little bit tricky about this indication. In a fact, everyone have their own normal temperature, and kinda something will be different to the others had. So, to make sure that the fever is caused by the coronavirus, the professionals recommend to check the temperature in the evening.

3. Shivering and Body Sickness

When the body is shivering also feeling the sickness in long period and also feeling another indication, its possibility because of the coronavirus. This indication normally will not take long period if its just flu.

4. Short Breathing

These symptoms usually appear as a sign that the disease has reached a serious stage even without coughing. If the chest starts to feel tightness as if being bound and breathing becomes so difficult, don’t delay any longer to seek medical help. In addition, some other emergency signs that arise are the lips or face that starts bluing because of the lack of oxygen supply and pain or pressure on the chest constantly.

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5. Digestive System Trouble

The study about coronavirus is showing that some people are having trouble in their digestive system at the early phase. For them, this indication isn’t coming with the fever. They who got the digestive system trouble usually are being late to do their COVID-19 Test. Seems different than they who got the breathing system trouble. Relatively, they who got the digestive system trouble are harder to be recovered.

6. The Eyes are Getting Red

Some countries such as China and South Korea found as many as 1 to 3 percent of people with COVID-19 showed symptoms of pink eyes, aka conjunctivitis. This condition occurs because the virus has reached the conjunctival layer, which is a thin and transparent layer of tissue that covers the white part of the eye.

7. Losing the Ability to Smell and Taste

This condition is something rare that happened to COVID-19 sufferer. They cant feel the smell and taste, also will lose their will to eat or drink.

8. Fatigue

Tiring in extreme also can be an indication about people who infected the coronavirus. WHO said, “almost 40 percent of 6.000 sufferer are feeling this condition”. That tiring even can be happened continuously for long period even after the virus has gone.

As a note, the corona indications usually coming out in incubation phase. It’s about 2-14 days since the first time they being infected by the virus.

More Risk for Some Groups

Surely, COVID-19 can attacks everyone out there. But for some groups, they have a bigger risks. These are some of them that CDC said having the bigger risk.

  1. Already 65 years old or higher
  2. Have low immune system (smoker, uncontrolled HIV/AIDS sufferer, cancer sufferer, people who still doing spinal cord transplantation, deficiency immune sufferer, also to people who consume the corticosteroid continuously).
  3. Suffering asthma or chronic lungs disease.
  4. Diabetes.
  5. Obesity.
  6. Liver disease.
  7. Chronic kidney disease.

The heathy of our body is our responsibility. Truly, we must start to taking care about ourselves and people around us who also love us. Don’t bring them to get the coronavirus infection. Because COVID-19 is having big threat about human race for now.

Images by: Pixabay

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