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Surabaya Software House, Perfect IT Solution for Your Business

The industrial revolution 4.0 that is developing around the world is a trigger that brings various industrial sectors to be more technologically literate. Increasingly tight competition requires business people to be skilled at work. One of them is by using the software that you can get through the Surabaya software house.

What is Software?

Software is a term used to describe data that is digitally formatted and stored. This includes computer programs, mobile applications, documentation, and various data that can be written and read by computers. In short, software is an intangible part of a computer or device.

The use of software is now increasingly widespread in line with the increasing needs of the community. One of them is for business people. Unfortunately, there are still many entrepreneurs who don’t really understand how software is used to make their business easier.

Most entrepreneurs think that the software can only be used by certain sectors. Whereas with various creative ideas, something that was never thought of before can be realized by procuring software. One concrete example that we can see is how Go-Jek has created an ojek transportation rental system in the form of an application.

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The Benefits of Software for Business

1. Become Unlimited Data Storage Media

Before the widespread use of software, many companies performed all tasks manually, including storing data. No wonder the folders and storage racks make office space stuffy. Using applications can eliminate all the hassle with a digital data storage system. Not only is it tidier and saves space, it will also be easier to find data.

2. Simplify the Accounting Process

Apart from being a company data storage medium, there is also software that you can substitute for manual bookkeeping. With the use of this software, you no longer have to check the daily sales table for profit and loss. Simply connect it to the cash register, your profits for the day appear on the screen.

3. Minimizing Errors

In running a business, input errors are common. However, the risk of this kind of error can be minimized by using software. All sales transaction data can be stored properly. You can even fix transaction errors by using software.

4. Make it easy in product tracking

By using software or applications, business people, both distributors, manufacturers and suppliers, will find it easier to collect and track products. This is because all the data is in the software. You don’t have to search manually. Just “click”, the information needed is already in sight. Not only that, entrepreneurs can also track specific items and perform filters to see the number of sales up to a decrease and increase in price.

5. Increasing Consumer Loyalty and Maintaining It

The existence of applications and software is also useful for increasing customer loyalty. Why? Because only by using one application, they can get everything they need from your company.

Your customers will no longer need to search on Google because all information related to products / services offered to ordering and payment can be done at once with one application. Through these conveniences, customer loyalty to your product is guaranteed to increase.

6. Helps Analyze Customer Behavior

Business is not just about how you bring in new customers, but how to keep them loyal. By using the software, you can store fixed consumer data including contact information. You can use this data to provide a more personalized shopping experience. You can also hold special promos for loyal customers.

7. Make Your Business Look More Professional

For a business, professionalism is important. You can get this by applying the use of software in your business. Using applications and software will increase branding as well as the trust of potential consumers.

Where Can You Order Software for Business?

Profio is one of the most trusted Surabaya software house. As a software house, Profio is ready to help with software development starting from designing concepts to maintenance according to your company’s needs.

By ordering software from Profio, you can customize any features you need, including managing stock items, recording product serial numbers, and employee attendance. Even though Profio is a Surabaya software house, we are ready to serve software development from entrepreneurs throughout Indonesia. For consultation services, please contact the WhatsApp number 0813-5857-7736.

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