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The Importance of Penetration Test on Websites and Mobile Apps

The ownership of mobile apps or website by a department, company, or government now being a must. The mobile apps or the website need to be maintained carefully.  Don’t make their existence just being a condition without any good using on them. That’s why the mobile apps or the website must be need to running a test that called penetration test.


Doing penetration test is one of  way to scoring the mobile apps or the website to look the value they had. This method is used to knowing the existence of the weakness or vulnerability that exist on them. At this penetration test, we did a simulation about cyber attack on the apps system or the website security.

1. External Testing

External testing has a benefit to access and extract the important data inside of the system. The method is, we do the test from outside the system using email, website apps, or domain name server (DNS).

2. Internal Testing

There is penetration test that coming from inside of the system. This test Is used to see two points at the result. First point as a anticipation way when the employees have the access to the system, and also to prevent they are to trying do something bad to the system. Second point as a way to see the system endurance when got some phising .

3. Blind Testing

Blind testing is a testing method that a tester simulating the attack by using the name of the company, organization, or department. At this test, personal security system already knew that the system will be used as a target.

4. Double-blind testing

Double-blind testing method is being tested in the condition that the employees who taking care the security system of the mobile apps or the website really don’t know that the system will be tested. The main point is to make sure that the system can defend its self in every unexpected moment.

5. Targeted Testing

The last one, there is a targeted test. At this phase, tester and the personal security system are running the attacks and the anticipates at the same time. The execution will be a good way as practicing when facing the unexpected moment.

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The main function of Penetration Test on mobile apps and websites

What can the company, organization, or department get from this penetration test on their mobile apps and website? So far, there are 4 big benefits, that they will get:

1. Found the system weakness at first, before the criminals

Cyber attacking is the real threat in this digital era like now. The threats can easily come from anywhere and anytime. With doing penetration test, You can see at first the weakness of the system of the mobile apps and the website before the criminals unresponibility trying to use the system on their way.

In the testing process, the tester will detailing so many thing about the weakness they already found inside of the system. There are some informations about the sensitive data that really will be a priority target for the criminals. Beside of that, analyzation of penetration test also allowed the tester to see how long the time needed until detecting there is a strange activity on it.

2. Cost efficiency and reduce the downtime service

The cyber attack that targeted to the mobile app and the website will give the impact to the service availability. At this situation, company, organization, or department cant running the online service normally. This thing will be impacted to the business they running.

At this situation, the owner of the mobile apps or the website will have a great loss in their chart. Not only the loss because cant run the service normally, but also they need to allocated some amount to make sure the system can normally running like usual.

3. The ability to know the level of the security system

The next benefit that can we get from penetration test is make it as an assessment step. Based on this test, the owner of the website and the mobile apps can surely know about the level of their security system.

 4. To get good company value

The last one, penetration test also can be one of way to make the good value for the company at the public. Even this penetration test also can be used as great value that offered to the customer.

The civilization right now can easily scoring about this because they are having smart thinking. Many of people already put their awareness about how important to keep securing the personal data in this digital era. At the same time, cyber attacking can targeting to anyone wherever they are right now.

By comparing this issue, its must be really important to use penetration test for everyone who put their mobile apps and the website as a part of their business. Penetration test also will gain more value if we do it in some intervals. Not only that, the test will be a must to keep doing when there is new system implemented in the company.

Because of this penetration test that running in some intervals, the level of the security of the mobile apps and the website can be sure that its secured. At the end, the service to the customer will running normally and will not face the something bad that can disturb the service or the business activity for the company.

Image by: Pixabay

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