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UI and UX Designer: What’s the Difference?

UI UX designer is a type of profession in the world of technology that has become increasingly popular over the past decade. But what needs to be understood, this term actually refers to two different professions: UI designer and UX designer.

The two professions also have different descriptions and scope, although they are still related to one another. Both also play a crucial role in a product. In full, here is a complete explanation of UI UX designer including the differences between both of it.

Get to know UI Designer

UI stands for user interface, which is a graphical display that is directly related to the product user. Therefore, a UI designer has a duty to make the design or graphic appearance of the product (application or website) more comfortable to look at.

The existence of the UI is intended to make users feel comfortable for long accessing the product. So it can create an emotional bond between the user and the product. Therefore, a UI designer must ensure that the product as intuitive as possible. This means that UI designers must really consider that every element of the product is interactive with user.

In short, the field of UI work is to focus on the beauty of the display. Thereby, a UI designer will be responsible for creating attractive and user-friendly product display designs with users through color selection, layout, animation, patterns, images, and other graphic elements.

The few things that must be understood by a UI designer in creating a product interface according to the concept of a good user interface are as follows.

Structured Information

A chaotic interface design will not provide complete information so that users are reluctant to return or linger to enjoy the product. The way to minimize this risk is to choose a font type and color that is aligned with the appropriate size ratio, do not use too many colors, carefully consider the placement of each element, and eliminate irrelevant elements.

Clear and Concise

Still related to information, this good UI concept emphasizes the substance of product content. Digital product users are very minimal interested in long-winded contents especially. Therefore, make sure the main contents of the product are not presented too long.

Responsive Design

An example of responsive design is that when a user accesses a product in the form of a website on a mobile screen, then the appearance of the site automatically adjusts the phone’s resolution. If something as simple as this just can’t be accommodated, then don’t be surprised if many people choose to leave the product.

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Get to Know UX Designer

UX stands for user experience, which is the interaction between the user and the product itself. So, a UX designer has a duty to increase product user satisfaction through the ease and convenience of product interactions.

The existence of UX basically aims to increase user convenience in using the product. Thus, users will feel comfortable when accessing products, both applications and websites that are created. For example, the indicator that can be used to assess this is how easily the consumer does the checkout process on e-commerce that is being developed.

In short, UX focuses on increasing the efficiency, convenience, and relevance of users when using products so can create a pleasant experience for users when using these products. As such, a UX designer is responsible for the overall user experience in accessing the product (no longer merely visual) by developing and increasing interaction between the user and the product.

The few things that must be understood by a UX designer in creating interaction and user experience on products according to the concept of good user experience are as follows.

User’s Perspective

UX designers must look at the user’s perspective to understand what users really need and want. That way, the solutions and designs that are made become more ‘fit’ and are in line with the objectives of the user experience concept.

Easy to Use

Today’s society increasingly wants to do and get things as practical as possible. Therefore, a UX designer must be able to create products that are efficient and effective instead of adding lots of unimportant elements just to look more ‘wow’.

Different, But Filling Each Other

Based on the explanation above, it can be seen that UI UX designer is actually two different concepts, but has a close attachment to produce the integrity of a product. The fundamental difference between UI designers and UX designers is that UI designers focus on the design of a slick interface. Whereas the UX designer focuses on the overall experience of using the product.

Such is the review of UI UX designer differences, two professions in digital technology that are become a favorite job by young people. May be useful!

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