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7 Android Apps Will Increase Your Business Performance

Technologies are giving us the ease of access in our daily activity, included at business sector. One of important thing is many android apps that was designed specially to making great improvement at business perform for companies. You can easily take a look those apps at Google Play Store.

Another interest thing, these apps can be used for business just for free and without any license cost. With this scheme, companies can make their perform keep increased without any extra cost for buying the license. As the result, must be very efficient at money allocation.

For you the great businessman, in case wanna try all of that advantages for saving the budget for your company. Recommendly, these are the 7 android apps you can easily use with no cost, absolutely having great features inside.

1. Evernote

Evernote on Google Play Store

Clearly, evernote is one of the popular apps in business environment. The main feature of this app is a logger such a daily note. That feature is really helpful to organize every log / note well, of course.

Surely, evernote provides us to keep noting every important things. As example, writing reminder, to-do list, or just keeping every innovative idea that suddenly came out from your great think in random moment. Luckily, evernote also available on Windows, Mac OS, and iOS, instead of Android.

2. Google Task

Google Task on Google Play Store

The next apps that really helpful for you guys as a great businessman is Google Task. This app absolutely has simple feature, it is a to-do list note. Something not really different as Evernote had. With this app, you can simply make a project or assignment as priority.

In a fact, using Google Task is easy enough. This app already integrated to Gmail and Google Calendar. As an extra feature, this app also giving you reminder notifications to make sure that all of the to-do lists already noted and can be done on time based on the deadline, clearly.

3. Xmind: Min Mapping

XMind: Mind Mapping

The next one that also can be used for your business, known as Xmind: Mind Mapping. Surely, you can download this app freely on Google Play Store or App Store. Xmind: Mind Mapping very useful to brainstorming your creative idea that will help you when heading the meeting with your team.

Its so easy to doing mind mapping with Xmind. There are some interesting templates that can be used only by tapping. Of course, this app is also having another great features like flowchart, to-do list arranger, and etc.

4. Cam Scanner

CamScanner HD on Goole Play Store

The existence of this app giving you many advantages to improve your business perform as businessman, Its Cam Scanner. This app is able to convert every pictures from your camera to file document. This feature will bring you to the next level when you need to send physical documents to everyone out there practically.

Cam Scanner also can make our Android camera as a professional scanning machine. One of great feature is you can erase or delete every unnecessary background and save the file as JPEG or PDF. Another important point, Cam Scanner easily will help you convert the picture as digital text.

Not only great in converting, this app adds sharing feature for documents you were scanning before, as the ease of access. You can share the files via E-mail or as direct link. Amazingly, this app already supported by wireless connection to print the documents you scanned before.

Recommendation: 7 Android Apps Will Increase Your Business Performance

5. Google My Business

Google My Business on Google Play Store

Google My Business also provides good features to improve the development of your business. By using this app, you can put your business to Google Search or Google Maps.

Google My Business have a main feature that you can be able to use as business profile because it provides you to easily edit your business information in detail. For now, you can put such website URL, phone number, or full address, etc, on it.

6. Google Drive

Google Drive on Google Play Store

This popular application is the most using app as cloud saving for android users. Its because this app already embedded in every android smartphone that running Google Apps Package on it. Cloud saving is a must for every businessman out there. This cloud saving service also can be used for free without any extra amount except you wanna add more storage on it. Without pay extra, you can get 15GB free storage, which is big enough to save every files you need to back up or share.

This app can be used in many ways. For simple way, Google Drive can save and access the data from any devices. Google Drive possibly to collaborate with another users, like your employees or clients by using sharing feature.

This app already supported reading feature and making office file that usually used, like  google sheet, google docs, google slides, and many more.

7. Slack

Slack on Google Play Store

For the last one, you can use Slack. This app has a feature that make you create collaboration between the employees in your company. Because of this app, you can have good communication with many people in one time virtually.

This app functions will really help your business that have so many employees that come from in different regions. The efficiency of this app also come from its feature that can fully support your business to running from home. Really helpful for now at this pandemic that every work should be done from home. Its so effective and efficient.

Those are the 7 chosen android apps that you can easily download for free on Google Play Store for your daily use as a support to improve the development of your business. But you don’t need to worry, just in case you having great expectation about business improvement needs, you can having great consultation with us also for FREE, because we are also providing good service with custom for android apps as your needs and absolutely suitable for your business. Additional information for you of our product namely also provides web and mobile applications as well.

Good luck!

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