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Artificial Intelligence Development in Indonesia

Artificial Intelligence is embedded intelligence on system. Andreas Kaplan and Michael Haenlein defined about artificial intelligence as a system skill to explain the external data in exact value, to learn the data, and use the learning for a purpose to finishing the issue with complex adaptation.

AI Development in Indonesia

AI technology in Indonesia isn’t rare. It’s getting bigger for sure. There are 24.6 % organizations in Indonesia that already adopted the AI technology. Meanwhile, Thailand stay in second position with 17.1%, and Singapore with 9.9% also Malaysia with 8.1% in third and fourth.

In this year, Microsoft and IDC Asia/Pacific are having the study about AI implementation in Asia Pacific Country ( APAC ). Future ready Business: Assessing Asia Pacific’s Growth Potential Through AI did a survey to 112 business leaders and 101 employees in Indonesia. The result is Indonesia got 14% in economical potency. Because there is difference how the business leader and the employee at looking about AI adopted in Indonesia skeptically.

There are some AI systems that already being adopted in Indonesia. Let’s take a look!

Email Feature on Gmail

Google uses AI to making sure that all of your received emails aren’t something suspicious. It is also preventing you get spams in many ways.

Increasing Social Media Services

AI is giving us the ease of access to get the communication with friends and business partners through Social Media. AI is being used to matching the candidates for the job vacancy, so the matching rate between boss and the employee is getting higher.

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Navigation and Travel

Navigation system in our daily life is related to AI system. There is no difference between Google Maps or Apple Maps to navigating, or when order online transportation and flight ticket. All of them are related to AI system.

Artificial Intelligence is also having some positive and negative value on it.

Positive value:

  1. AI is a permanent system, it wont be changing ( depends on how the computer system works ).
  2. AI is always fast and accurate when do the job ( based on how the system work ).
  3. The ability of AI is deciding the complex issue.
  4. AI has no time limit. Because AI can’t feeling tired and bored like human being.

Negative value:

  1. The Intelligence on AI depends on what programmer insert to the system.
  2. AI has no common sense. It can be defined as a skill that can understanding the information, instead of processing.
  3. AI is not be able to develop the knowledge. Because the knowledge on Artificial Intelligence is depended to the system code only.

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